Sunday, June 13, 2010

Too Hot Outside? Craft Time!

It was Way Too Hot today. Its only June, dangnabbit! On top of that, we had a thunderstorm about noonish, which only served to make everything steamy. Oh, and I had a flat tire. I mean, seriously flat. Like, it came off the rim flat. It was FLAT. Pancakes would do it no justice.

So while we waited for JoeyAndyDad to wave his magic wand and get the tire fixed so we could go to the pool, we got out our Handy Dandy Craft Box and pulled out... paint-it-yourself clocks. I love paint-it-yourself stuff. Hand them the thing, the paint, and stand back. Woo-hoo!

We're waiting for them to dry before putting on the final touches, but they are both very happy. And when the tire got fixed, they got to go swimming, too. Win!

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Stimey said...

My kids love to paint too. It's a guaranteed hour of quiet. And then another half hour of clean up. :)