Thursday, June 17, 2010

Following in tiny, doomed footsteps

Andy has had a penchant for collecting ants. At the bus stop in the mornings, he has scrambled to collect ants in various containers (including a pencil eraser...) and then handing them over to me as his "ant farm" for me to watch. Every afternoon I have had to break the news that Mommy didn't keep the ants.

So today, I found an old ant farm thingee we got as a prize at the beach a few years back, put some sand in it, and shall await his return from school, triumphant. No, I am not going to order ants. I'm going to let Andy collect them and put them into the Chamber of Ant Death. See, I hate ants. I'm not into wholesale slaughter, as I know they are good for the ecosystem and stuff, but I hate ants. The least they can do to earn their keep on this planet is entertain my child.

So in the grand ant tradition, we are going to slaughter some ants today, by corking them up in a little plastic thing with some sand and seeing what happens. I plan to hide the bodies after Andy goes to bed.


Natalie said...

Speaking from experience, if the ants collected and put into the ant farm are from different hives they will fight to the death. I made this mistake with my 2nd grade class one year when I decided to be cheap and have the class collect the ants from the ant farm instead of order them. Let me tell you, it was NOT a pretty sight. The carcasses were everwhere! One ant was larger than all the others and he totally slaughtered the whole bunch. The others put up a valiant fight, but theirs was just not enough. They were doomed. Just thought I'd give you a heads up!

PS. Some of my more sensitive students were completely traumatized. Give Joey's death fascination you might not want to let him watch the show!

Stimey said...

OK, I'm just catching up over here. Ants? Did you do it? What happened? I'm dying to know!

Man, this is totally what I get for neglecting my Google reader for three weeks.

Joeymom said...

He caught some ants, put them in, watched them run around, and then... let them go. How crazy is that? He's done this a couple of times now, and insists on letting them "go home."