Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Chink In the Armor

The world is coming to an end. Or more realistically, there is a tiny crack in one of the screens of the Nintendo DS.

Joey found it this evening when Andy wanted to watch Sonic the Hedgehog instead of playing Wii. After a hard day of baseball and park, Joey wanted to relax with his World 8 Castle on the DS. Some days, you just gotta have some Luigi.

What he found was a crack. We already had been plagued by the infamous hinge crack, but he accepted a clear case as a quick fix. But a screen crack isn't so simple. He was devastated. He curled up next to me, playing his game, in tears because he was so upset about the screen being cracked, and perseverating on it.

"It's a crack. It's broken! My DS is broken!"

Sore at heart that I could not fix this, nor can we afford a new one right now, I sent the child up to his father. JoeyAndyDad did his best, cleaning the screen and the game, making sure everything still worked.

Joey came down again, still sniffing, but with better words, such as, "It' just a tiny crack!"

Then he curled up next to me, and said, "Daddy did his best. I appreciate him trying."

That's my boy.

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