Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, I was a brand-new mom of a beautiful, squishy, soft baby boy. When I first touched his cheek, it was so soft, it was like touching nothing at all. My Joey came into the world via emergency c-section, precisely at 8pm. And who could not love that beautiful, smoochy Buddha Buddy?

It's hard to imagine loving someone more than the moment my Joey came into the world. Until the next moment came, and we all loved him even more. Then the next moment came, and we loved him even more...

If you have never had a newborn in your arms and sniffed that newborn baby head, you cannot possibly imagine the true meaning of the universe; until you smooch that baby head, you cannot imagine the totality of existence. There is nothing more life-changing than the real understanding that life is more than just you. That the cosmos is bigger than just you. Not just know it. Understand it.

I had no idea how much I would learn from my Joey. If I had known, I would have had him years sooner. And he would have a lot more siblings.

When Joey was born, my mom said I would be amazed how fast the time would go. She's right. I'm staggered. Time slips through our lives with no turning back, and the best you can do is hug your dear ones tight and enjoy the ride. Fortunately, Joey still loves to be hugged. And smooched. And squished really, really good.

Happy Birthday, Buddha Buddy. You are my Joey-Boy, forever and ever.

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little.birdy said...

Happy birthday Joey! Thank you for giving me my purpose, you kind-hearted twinkle-eyed sweetheart.