Saturday, April 28, 2007

And so it goes

Usually on Saturday evening, Joey and I saunter over to the church to listen to the band. Joey likes music, especially involving drums and guitars, and since there arent a lot of people at the Saurday service, it gives us a chance to get hi used to the sanctuary and going to church and stuff without having too many people jostling him and making him nervous.

But tonight he would not sit down. Even when they started, all he could do was track, track,track. Track the banister, track the pews, track the cords for the guitars, track a seam in the carpet. Then he wanted to run out to the street, out into the halls, up and down the main aisle. Track. track, track.

This means one thing:

Joey is coming down with something.

This is really depressing, because we just finished a round of antibiotics because he had never recovered from teh croup. It means if he goes to Sunday school tomorrow, he will probably have a bad day and need the director to come be the aide again. We might not go at all, trying to head off the storm. He's already missed a week of school, so his schedule has already been a complete mess.

On a more selfish note, it also means I didn't get to sit with him for the half-hour to listen to the music while hugging a Boy- something I really could have used this week.


mcewen said...

By 'track' do you mean run his finger or hand over every available surface?
As for illness after illness after illness, for mine at least, that has greatly improved as they've grown older.
Best wishes

Joeymom said...

Usually he runs his eyes along edges and lines, while walking along. Sometimes he gets so his nose almost touches the surface. He used to love to walk circuits around the kitchen with his eyes right at the level of the counter, and would just walk right into the wall. He's done this since he was almost two, and it's a tune-out. He can be very subtle about it (you think he's listening, ad find he's tracking the blinds behind you, or the edge of a book you are reading), but when he's getting sick- and it can be a couple weeks before he shows actual symptoms- it gets much, much more pronounced. This year he's been doing this a lot, because school has been a mess, and he's been kind of left to his own devices I think.

BigDadGib said...

I think you have a new reader and a new prayer partner. :)


kristina said...

Same with Charlie----increase in behaviors like that---"stims"---portend illness. Charlie is a pacer, too.

Hope it passes through.