Tuesday, April 24, 2007


For some reason, the school OT just can't say the words," yes, ma'm." I can only imagine it is a matter of pride. If she doesn't fight me on every single request or suggestion I make, she loses some kind of brownie point somewhere. She keeps sayign she wants to get along with me, then won't STFU.

I have requested the school evaluate Joey using ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills). It is a test designed to check on skills needed for 5-7 year-olds to function. It is commonly used to test preschoolers, to give educators a gauge of the skills needed for elementary school, including kindergarden. It also is often used to design ABA programs. It is not a comprehensive test, but it does test skills that are not covered in other common gauges, such as the LAP-D, and is designed specifically for kids (like Joey) who have language problems or delays. Back in September, I kept asking what skills Joey would need for kindergarden, and was basically told "we'll take care of it." So I am already annoyed to discover there was a test they could have given him to find the gaps in his skills and address some of them. However, I am far more annoyed at the email I got from the %&$^#*! OT today. It basically says "well, he doesn't need to do all this stuff for kindergarden. It won't tell us anything his teachers don't already know. It won't give us an age equivalency or standard score. This is usually given to low-functioning kids." In other words, "What are you having us do this for? I don't want to bother."

Of course he doesn;t need it all for kindergarden. But he needs some of it, and this will tell us some of things he may be lacking. It will tell us some of his strengths as well as some of his deficits. It is a yes/no sort of thing- either he can do the skill listed, or he can't. Its not about age equivalency, it is about tracking actual mastery of actual, functional skills.

These teachers that know him so well had to be fought to get him goals for bilateral co-ordination, social conversation, and visual motor skills. They were shocked that he needs sensory accomodations. Joey is just a barrel FULL of surprises!

I asked for the test. They do it in the fall (why bother? The IEP is being written NOW). I asked for it by NAME.

The proper response is "Yes, Ma'm."

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Club 166 said...

...She keeps sayign she wants to get along with me, then won't STFU. ...

The old saying comes to mind- "If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with your bull$hit."

Sounds like there's not a lot of brilliance coming your way. :(