Friday, April 27, 2007

Who are these people, and what did they do with my IEP team?

Mom and I walked in to the strangest IEP meeting I have ever been to. This was the meeting for Extended School Year (summer services). These meetings have been a right royal fight for everyone here every year. Usually its a lot of wrangling to even be able to call a school person for advice at any point, and they complain as they fill out the paperwork.

Not this year.

Apparently, Joey's behaviors have been unavoidable this year. He's not a danger, but the slamming fo doors, clicking, and tracking have apparently been well noted and been very disrupting. It was decided that he qualified on that ground alone. I was shocked. Not only did he qualify, but I have a peice of paper here that says he will get 2.75-3.5 hours per day, five days a week, for eight weeks! I know th edoc wants 25 hours a week, but folks, this much ESY is UNHEARD OF here.

I have heard there are at least three other parents headed to mediation right now. I wonder if that has a bearing. OR maybe someone wants to try to put together a real summer program, and this gives them an excuse. Or maybe the immanent retirement of our esteemed director of special ed. Or maybe someone finally told these people to shut thir mouths and open their brains. Joey's teacher even stood up to our mouthy OT. It was incredible. I was beside myself.

So we have the documents. We're hoping to pin down the exact nature of the program before we put our names to it. We know the amount of time, the duration, that sort of thing, but what exactly will this be? The camps I want, or an in-house program? We made clear that we need to know soon, so I can reserve spaces.

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mcewen said...

Lummy! where did that all come from? Amazing how you can go from static to 50 mph without even turning a page! Fingers crossed that the programme is well designed.