Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Round 2

Oh, yes, I got the email this morning: "I didn't say that! I said we have to be careful interpreting the results!"

Right. Does that mean you don't show care in interpreting the results of other tests and evaluations?

This is NOT increasing my confidence in this woman. It certainly shows me that she is 1. Not familiar with this test and 2. not familiar with how to properly consider the results. She's surprised that we would want to know this information, to look for gaps in Joey's skills. Why on earth would we want to know this information?

I thought we were about to write an IEP?

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mcewen said...

I hope you're wrong [in the nicest sense] I've found it shakes my foundations when I think I'm on a par with someone, speaking the same language , moving towards the same goals, and then the ground shifts and I discover that we're really on different planets. Let's just hope is was a hiccup in the communication skills.