Monday, July 14, 2008

Alex Barton Update 5

Well, now that some publicity has been given to Alex Barton, other parents want to chime in about their own frustrating experiences- and the Attorney General of Florida is saying he wants to hear all about it. If you are in Florida and have a story to tell, now's the time.

Oh, and unless you want your blood pressure to shoot through the roof, skip the comments to the linked article.


Niksmom said...

Why did i NOT heed your warning?? I am disgusted at the ignorance of so many people. Sigh.

Maddy said...

Yes there was a note on the hub. Can't see us moving to Florida.

little.birdy said...

It is striking to me how people are desperately trying to blame someone or something for what happened to poor Alex. Bad parenting, bad teaching, bad behavior, bad school admin, bad man on the moon, bad global warming...and all that finger-pointing accomplishes nothing but a big frustrating mess. I'm glad that school systems are trying to re-evaluate how to deal with children with autism and hopefully behavior issues in general, but I wish the general public (as represented by those commentors, I suppose) would focus their energies more on fixing the problem than trying to blame someone for it.