Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back to School

Joey and Andy go back to school tomorrow*.

So you know what I'm doing tonight.

Yes, yes, labeling clothes, putting together snacks, checking off supply lists, and packing backpacks. Sure. I also had to run out to my mom's, because her basement flooded and I'm helping her clean it out (we spent most of the day today out there- JoeyAndyDad heroically took two loads of trash to the dump so I wouldn't have to lift bags full of sodden clothes and cardboard.) And I cried all the way home.

Yes, its only half-days. And I'll get Friday mornings with just Joey, which is a rare treat. It will only be four weeks for Andy, six for Joey. And then I will have one week, most of which JoeyAndyDad has also taken off work and we hope to be at the beach for, before they go back to school for real. And we have had an amazing few weeks, with trips all over the place, which I can't afford to do for another seven weeks. And I am an utter failure at providing Joey with the structure he needs to get through his day with any sort of normalcy (and before you post, "Yes you can!", be aware that I know it is a failing on my part, and really would rather not feel worse about it). I'll still have afternoons- well, when we aren't running to therapy. Or the gym. Or running errands. Maybe some afternoons we'll do some of these craft projects I was planning. Or visit some folks on the weekends.

But its just not the same as having my buddies here with me.

I'm not saying all day, every day is sunshine and roses and easy living. But that's life, and I wouldn't miss my babies even in those moments when everything seems to be in melt-down. Every moment is part of who we are.

I know they both do better in school, they learn a lot, they have a lot of fun, they learn to be independent and confident and themselves, without Mommy's shadow. All children need some freedom to breathe and be themselves, and learn who they are, and process what I am teaching, just as time with me permits them to process what school is teaching.

But I feel I am missing out. And I miss them. And life is just very different when there aren't two little guys giggling in the back seat. Even when its just one, its not the same. They're my little buddies.

*I wrote this last night, but we lost our internet connection- so here it is this morning, as we await the bus!

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