Sunday, July 13, 2008

Painting for Grandma

We decided to make some pretty pictures for Grandma. These are actually from a couple days back.

Andy working on his masterpiece, "Dinosaur Paths."

Andy was wearing this dog hat after Joey spent the day in his Little Bear hat.

Joey prefers making calendars and writing. He did make a lovely portrait of Chuck E. Cheese.

I have to say, the boys worked on their pictures for a good half hour. I need to have Art Time more often.


Maddy said...

Half an hour! A whole 30 minutes. Stupendous! Well done you. We're still hovering around the 10 minute mark, well 10 minutes painting and 10 hours clean - up! [I do tend to exaggerate of course]

Stimey said...

Isn't that the best? It's almost worth the paint on the table. Joey's handwriting (especially with a paintbrush) is terrific!

bobbie said...

I'll bet they were really proud of their work too. These pictures warm my heart. My 2 year old grandson has done pictures for me that I have up on my bedroom walls.

Casdok said...

Great shots of works in progress! And half an hour! Very impressed!