Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bouncing Around My Head

I collect quotes. When I was a child racing about trying to figure out who I was, I had a way of connecting meaning to quotes, attaching ideas and emotions to them, weaving them into webs of understanding. Snippets of things would bounce about my head making connections, and those connections would knit into the fabric of thinking. I think Joey does this, which is why echoing is so much easier for him than coming up with his own words. It's a shorthand for what would take him a ton of energy to create himself with his own words. He has other things to do and to think about, and I really do think language is tiring for him. Anyway, things bounce about and make the warp and weft of memory and being. What to do with them?

So here's what's been bouncing about my head lately. It becomes something of an odd mantra of meanings and connections, and flavors the way I think about other things.

Do you know who I am?
Do I know who you are?
See we one another clearly?
Do we know who we are?

“Like I always say, keep an open mind, and you never know who might walk in!”

Why should I cry for you?
Why would you want me to?
What would it mean to say
That I loved you in my fashion?

So you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell
Blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

Well maybe I'm too close to see you clearly
Or is it now my role to simply believe?
You're just one of those mysteries
That may never be solved in time
But you do
You do
You shine.

No, I have no idea what it all means. I just know the webs of meaning that I am tatting in my brain.


wehave9 said...

Hello. I was amazed at how much our sons have in common. Check out my blog at, you will see what I mean. And I too live in Virginia. But I am in Chesterfield. Hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

I love quotes.It is a passion of mine.They totally inspire the mood that I am in.I find them and write them down on bits of paper.I have bits of paper overfilling my spaces:)Your head is bouncing very well:)

bobbie said...

I love quotes too. Bits of poetry that I learned in grade school stay with me today. We need these things to call to mind, depending on our mood or current need.