Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Joe Snow

My friend MonkeyGirl is supporting the Joe Snow Memorial Bass Tournament. Joe Snow was a paramedic who gave his life trying to save two young boys. The money raised goes to support Mr. Snow's sons.

I never knew Joe Snow. But I have met some wonderful people here who came to my home and saved my Joey. And I read MonkeyGirl and Ambulance Driver and on occasion a few other EMS- connected blogs, because they are interesting people who save lives for a living. How about that- they save lives for a living. As MonkeyGirl says- it's just what they do.

So folks, we all have families and challenges and know small things can be done in great ways. Here's one way to just let these folks know how much you appreciate them: head over to MonkeyGirl's blog and give to the Joe Snow Memorial Bass Tournament. Give two young men a big hug. And hug your own little guys and gals tight.

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