Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why JoeyAndyDad ROCKS.

1. He does laundry.
2. He does dishes.
3. When the computer isn't working, i can hand it to him, and it becomes magically fixed, usually in under ten minutes.
4. He loves to play with the boys.
5. I can leave him with the boys and go grocery shopping without a second thought.
6. If I give him a list to go to the grocery store for me, he almost always returns with everything that was on the list. And when he doesn't, its because the store didn't have it.
7. If I send him to the grocery store with a list, he almost always also picks up the thing I forgot to put on the list.
8. He likes to give the boys a bath.
9. He works his butt off to be good at his job so he can get a really big raise and keep the roof over our heads- while I can stay home and work bit part-time gigs and get everybody to therapy.
10. He's an excellent kisser. And foot masseuse.

I love my Allan. He totally rocks.


abfh said...

And you mentioned that he took care of the toilet graffiti too. You definitely have a great guy there.

Niksmom said...

Yes! Ditto what ABFH wrote! He definitely is not afraid to venture into the tough stuff, either!

Stimey said...

I love reading love notes like this. What a lucky girl you are! (And vice versa!)