Thursday, April 17, 2008


We are embarking on several new campaigns here. Well, we are planning on embarking. Maybe we'll actually get started. Eventually.

The problem is: when to begin? As we know, major changes to routine upset a child, especially one with autism, and can make any campaign an instant and unmitigated failure. We have some big disruptions on the horizon.

The big campaign for Joey is "staying in bed." This will involve returning him to his own bed at night instead of letting him curl up with us. With summer coming, it will be more comfortable for everyone; and besides, the child is now six years old. Time to stay in your own bed. I am making several adjustments to Joey's room in anticipation of the campaign- but then, those changes are, in and of themselves, disruptions. I am getting fans ready for circulation, rearranging furniture to maximize space and ease of use, setting up the computer so he can play his games up there, and re-adjusting the comfy corner to be more comfy.

For Andy, we are considering a new "sit and eat" campaign, trying to get him to stay at his chair during mealtimes- but more importantly, at the table with everyone else. I am prepping the kitchen table for his return to the family circle. Again, changes that are disruptions all by themselves.

But the real disruption upon the horizon? The coming absence of the husband. Folks, please congratulate JoeyAndyDad on his promotion!!! Woo-hoo!!! He has worked really hard and done a spectacular job. He got a fabulous raise, and now he's moving up the career path to the next position! This being awesomely cool, and wonderful, and all, it also includes two weeks' training in Virginia Beach. We get to spend the weekend there with him, but during the week, I am going to be winging it all by my lonesome. The boys are sure to notice that mom, and not dad, is bathing them and putting them to bed every night for two weeks.

So is this really the time to begin campaigns of such a major nature? I have already voted a nix on the Joey campaign. It can wait a few weeks at this point. Besides... I need my cuddlebug to get me through two weeks without the love of my life by my side.


Bonnie D. said...

I just wanted to wish you luck in your endeavors, particularly the one about your son sleeping on his own. Our's is 9 and just recently began to stay in bed all night by himself. He usually would wake around 2am, and seek us out. After he turned 8, and was just too large to comfortable sleep with us, I started going back in his bed with him. It was a mess.
But, and I hope I don't get too much ribbing for this, he has discovered that when he wakes up, he can turn on the tv in his room and watch, and then he falls back to sleep. I love this because I suddenly wake up at 6am and realize that I have been asleep all night. The bad this is I am afraid I don't know how long he's been awake, but he seems like he gets enough sleep so I'm not worried. I wish you well!

little.birdy said...

I'm sure if you talk them both through the changes, they will be fine. Maybe you can post schedules? And they could have reward charts, Andy for sitting at the table and Joey for staying in bed, and gradually increase the expectations. I'm sure you have plenty of tricks to get them through any and all campaigns with minimual meltdowns. :)

S.L. said...

I feel your pain--my husband travels about 70% of the time. It adds to the challenge, that is for sure. Some things that have worked for us:
I made a powerpoint slide show, with clip art & all, explaining where Daddy was going, why, etc. and that he comes back. In the beginning, my daughter would say "Daddy go. Daddy no come back."
I made a simple chart, with a picture of an airplane, then squares with a hotel picture, and the last one, a home. I laminated a picture of my husband. We now move him from day to day. The night before he leaves, he takes my daughter to the chart, explains he is leaving, and they put his picture on the plane.
Hang in there while your husband is away. You'll get through it! :)

As for your great advice here. Well, other than social stories and reward charts. We don't always see great success with either (it always varies), but it's always worth a shot. GOOD LUCK!!!

bobbie said...

Congratulations Dad! And good luck to Mom. It's really hard to go it alone. s.l.'s suggestion of a chart with a moving plane sounds like a good one, doesn't it? The sleeping in his own bed challenge can be a long pull, but I agree, it's a necessary one. It may take a while.

kristi said...

Best wishes on your goals! Changes are hard for us too!

bobbie said...

I have to interrupt the discussion for a moment to tell you - the long sleeved T-shirt that I ordered from you came today. I just love it! I love the "We are all unique" logo, and the shirt itself is so soft! I hope every one of your readers investigates the things you have to offer.

Joeymom said...

Thanks, guys! We are considering lots of these great ideas. I appreciate all the help!!! :) :) :) (Blogging rocks. Where else would I get advice from this many people who know what I am talking bout???)

ghkcole said...

new job! promotion! awesome!

i just told my husband tonight that if he went out of town for five days and left me with these two kids i adore, to expect me to call 911. i can't do it. not yet. but you can, and i admire you totally.

Stimey said...

Congrats to JoeyAndyDad! Bummer for you and the two weeks. I'm with my guys all the time, but when Alex goes out of town for an extended trip, it gives me palpitations. :)

Let me know how the sleeping alone thing goes. We're working on that with Quinn right now. Part of the problem is that he's so cuddly and fun to sleep with.