Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beach Trip: Part One

Ah, the Beach. The Surf. The Sand. The backs of my children's heads.

My boys are never happier than when they are at the beach. Even Andy got into the surf this year! Joey could spend the rest of his life in the surf, and he'd be in heaven.
We got there and got right down to business. We got them into their swimtrunks and got them on the sand. The next morning we started there, too. The boys were in love at the first crash of the waves. Joey liked watching the waves and running through the water.

Andy even let the waves crash and pull on him! We had to go in when he got cold, but he spent a good long time in the water, which was a first! He didn't even mind when he got knocked over the first day, when the waves were a little stronger. He was a very happy boy in the ocean!

They both got into belly-flopping on the sand! What fun!

When we left, the boys kept saying we were going to wrong way. Joey calls Ocean City "Joey's Beach" and the hotel "Joey's House." When we win the lottery, I'm getting a beach house!

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Casdok said...

Such beautiful happy photos!