Saturday, September 06, 2008

Things I Noticed When I Woke Up This Morning

It's Raining. Finally.

There are two boys in this bed.

I am a Mom Sandwich between said boys.

Neither of them are asleep.

I'm still tired.

Hey, it's 8 am. They let me sleep in! (Too bad it was almost 2 am before I fell asleep!)

The cat is also on the bed.

With non-sleeping boys.

And she's alive. In fact, she's asleep.

And neither boy is trying ti either pet her or chase her. How weird is that?

Thus the day begins...


Niksmom said...

We're still waiting for the rain here in DE. The gloom, humidity, and wind have arrived. Feels like a great day to stay in bed. If only ...

Stimey said...

It was a dreary day.

I have two cats. One puts up with my guys. The other is rarely seen by them. She vacates whatever room they are in. Consequently, a sighting of that cat by one of them is like a UFO sighting, or something equally far-fetched.