Monday, September 01, 2008

Beach Trip: Part Two

Our adventures continued at Trimper's Rides. Everything started out normal: Joey on the Whip, whipping it up, and Andy at the fishing pond, catching sharks and winning prizes, with nary a sidelong glance at the rides.
Then things started getting into gear. Andy got on a little train ride, one of those small things like you find outside grocery stores or in malls. He did OK. Then he got on the ride with the cars that light up. We were ecstatic! Wow! He rode like a champ! then he got on the ride with the bigger fire engine while his brother went outside.

Meanwhile, Joey discovered he was too tall to ride his favorite motorcycle ride. He was upset, and is still repeating, "I'm too tall! I'm too tall!" However, he discovered he was tall enough for Big Boy rides! He got on a boat that swung all around (I would have loved it when I was young... but now it looked a little dizzying), and the Himalaya (one of those rides that goes around with up-and-downs, and then goes... eeps.. backwards!), as well as some of the middling rides, like the smaller roller coaster.

Joey likes rides a lot. He was sad about not being able to get on teh little rides, but the big rides were no small consolation!

Andy is in that in-between size- he can ride the little rides, and those "middling" rides! So he got on the bumper boats and the airplanes. He loved the boats. They didn't look like much fun to me- he kinda just floated around- but he loved them!

Grandma even got in on the ride action! I think she tried to get on the Himalaya with Joey when she realized he got on it, but didn't manage it. She came and got me instead (and I would have liked to have seem photos of my face about every five minutes this whole afternoon. 'Andy's on a RIDE!' then 'Joey's on the WHAT????') She did manage to get on the Mixer!

The boys had a really great afternoon. Trimper's is always a treat- on the carousel, on the Whip, or just wandering around looking at the great paintings and happy faces. Andy and I even won a couple of real games- we pounded a frog into a lilypad for a big prize, and we picked up ducks, and we shot water guns!

And Holy Frijoles, he got on a ROLLER COASTER!!!!


Ang said...

OMGosh, the looks on their faces say it all. What a GREAT DAY!

Niksmom said...

After experiencing the thrill of Nik's first ever ride this summer, I can appreciate these pictures soooo much more than I could have even a few months ago. (I'm only mildly embarrassed to tell you I got a little eye-leaky at them.)

The looks on their faces say so much more than mere words could possibly capture. It's beautiful!

bobbie said...

The expressions on their faces!!!
Your little boys are growing UP.