Friday, September 05, 2008

Preparing for the storm

Hanna is headed our way, so I've been battening down hatches and putting away lawn furniture. It should be a lot less than Isabel, but 40mph winds are not a pretty thing around here. Well, the city ain't made for it.

JoeyAndyDad is on his way to Texas (I hope the plane is taking off as I type with him safely aboard it). I hate planes. I'll be praying hard until I see him again on Sunday.

This may be a heavy-posting weekend. Or a non-posting weekend. I have no idea which.

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Niksmom said...

Here's to a shift in the wind currents that it carries the storm slightly more off-coast. We're just north of you by a bit so I, too, will have to get out there and protect some plants and my birdbath. *sigh*

I vote for a quiet weekend playing and snuggling with kids!