Wednesday, July 12, 2006


MacDonalds is doing a Pirates of the Caribbean promotion, and in Happy meals, they are giving out pirate toys. One of them is a headrag. My sons discovered them this evening.

Joey always lvoes funny hats. Its his thing. He has a big turkey for the fall, a flamingo, a Christmas tree, and a crab. He was all about the pirate scarf. So we put them on their heads, and Allan starts shouting things like "Shiver me timbers! Arrrrrg!" and "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Arrrrrg!" and "Ahoy, mateys, lest ye walk the plank! Arrrg!" Combine this with my sons' new interest in Peter Pan, and you can imagine the rollicking fun to be had playing pirates at my house. Andy would squeal with delight every time Allan said "Arrrrg!" By the end of the evening, I had three pirates Arrrrg-ing (can Arrg be a verb?) at each other, squealing, and running all over the place.

Both boys are now asleep. They still have their pirate hats on. We had to take them off to change into PJs, but they had to be put back on for there to be peace on earth. We didn't even try to fight it. They won't be little for long.