Friday, June 11, 2010

Mama Bear Ain't Happy

In honor of our new school, I have added to the shop!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

And Sometimes You Feel Like You're Selling Out.

Tomorrow is ESY IEP Meeting, Part Two. The purpose of this meeting is to settle what the school intends to do about five weeks of no available programming because they have to wax their floors. And waxed floors are so much more important than educating their students, you know. Must have those floors waxed. Would I be evil if every time I went into school this year, I made a snarky comment about how beautiful the floors look?

The offer is one hour a day for four days a week for two weeks at our OT, in a social skills group. At noon.

I called other parents. I tried to get things moving. We worked to get the school to do something. But the floors won.

So the question comes down to: do I take it, or leave it?

I feel Joey loses either way.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Promises promises

This morning, Joey discovered the Zhu Zhu Pet website. He shared this information with his brother, and they began plotting together, true brothers, whispering and point, squealing, more whispering and squealing...

And then Andy announced that he wanted the Zhu Zhu pet rabbit, Fluffy. And if I procured a Fluffy, I "could have all the tummy smooches you want!" Joey concurred- all the tummy I wanted, if I could lay hands on Fluffy.

They walked to the bus stop hand-in-hand planning on how they would prepare for and care for their Fluffy.

As he got on the bus, Andy commanded, "Go get Fluffy now, Mommy. Go to the store and buy him now."

Getting off the bus, Joey had a hard day and was in tears, but didn't forget to ask, "Where's Fluffy?"

I spent the morning trying to locate one, but had to order one (two, actually). Of course they want the one that's a Hallmark Exclusive, and which no Hallmark in my town has any of.

I expect to OD on tummy smooches in 2-7 days. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Utter Chaos that is T-Ball

Yes, it was my first official practice as one of the assistant coaches of T-Ball. Here is what I learned:

1. Even if one of the other coaches says they have coached multiple levels of t-ball and baseball before, that doesn't mean they have done it in the last 20 years, or remembered what kids know. Or don't know.

2. Six-year-olds who have never played baseball or T-Ball before have no idea what the field positions are. Or what a base is.

3. 11 out of 12 six-year-olds have never played baseball or T-Ball. At least, on our team that is true.

4. The 1 child who has played before still doesn't know the field positions, or what a base is.

5. 11 out of 12 six-year-olds don't own a baseball glove or hat, and therefore must borrow the coach's.

6. Even if you have no idea what a base is, or where to stand, or how to catch, or even to run around the bases, hitting the ball is fun. So as long as everyone gets to hit the ball, we're all good.