Saturday, June 20, 2015

Year One, Done.

Our first year at our new school is complete. Joey finished seventh grade. It was an emotional ceremony, as the students thanked their teachers, therapists, and principals for... well, for us, for saving our child. He was drowning. Now he is moving forward and learning again.

Our Assistant Teacher became emotional, and understandably so- how can you not, when you know a good thing is happening, and you are part of it? And Joey turned to her, and signed "safe" (they use hands, palms toward signer, fingers interlaced and thumbs up, so that it make a "safe wall"), and assured her, "You don't need to cry. You're safe, Ms. S." Then he offered her a hug. They signed about being safe together.

That's when you know you fought the right battle, and won it. Joey feels safe here.

That makes all the difference in the world.