Saturday, December 01, 2007

Life is a Parade

Busy. busy, busy... Christmas is a-comin' and the goose is gettin' fat! Yesterday we went riding around looking at the first Christmas lights. Today we saw Santa, in the flesh! And we went to not one, but two parades!

The boys did better than Mommy this morning with Santa. I called to see when Santa would be starting, and the lady told me ten o'clock. We got there shortly before ten, to find not a soul waiting... there was a breakfast with Santa event, and the pictures wouldn't start until 10:30! I was hot. Really hot. But we made it through, and actually got a decent picture of Andy. Woo-hoo!

Then we dropped Daddy off to do some Christmas shopping, and drove out to Grandma's to see the Spotsy parade. It was OK, but with only one band, Joey's interest didn't hold. In fact, he was pretty scattered and everywhere. Andy did OK.

Then we went to church- Andy sat right in the front row like a perfect little angel the whole time! Not even a flinch! And Joey got to play drums; then we went outside to the Fredericksburg parade. Joey, being his love-the-world self, made himself a friend; a nice lady who helped me keep him on the curb, and made sure he got candy, and even got him into her lap when he got chilly. Andy tried a cinnamon candy, but I don't think he liked it much, too hot. The parade was so long, though, we had to leave, after being there two hours and no end in sight. :P

So a happy opening to the holiday season... Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

On The Brink

Today is the day.

We stand poised between holidays at my house. Today is the day I looked about and thought, "I need to get these fall things packed up." But for our house, its a hair too early to put out Christmas things. Just a cople of days- Advent calendars need to appear on Saturday- but just that moment on the brink, between fall festivities and Christmas holidays.

I should spend this moment cleaning, making the house ready for the decorations to come. I have an extensive Christmas decoration collection, so I need everything cleared and cleaned. I was originally planning a whiz-bang Christmas decorating campaign, but with Andy not in preschool, there's no time. So just normal levels- the door garlands, the trees, the mantel, the greens, the baking... we'll see. Here at the brink, anything is possible.

Fortunately, Joey loves Christmas, and gets happy about the Christmas decorations; but I do think it throws him off. We have increasing trouble with him through Christmas. After all, everything is so exciting and different and strange. New things to do, sparkles everywhere...

I have four weekends between now and Christmas. I'm hoping to work two of them. This weekend, we have the parades; Joey loves parades. We're hoping Andy is well enough to go to at least one of them, too. I might try to sneak a trip to Santa in here, too- but Andy won't like that. Next weekend is our trip to Valley View. Then two Saturdays of working. The tree will probably go up the evening of the 21st, and be done by the evening of the 23rd. That's teh way to open the Christmas break! By then, everything else will need to be done.

Yep, here we are at the brink. Anything is possible.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Food Consumption Resumes

Omnicef. Yay. His ear still hurts, but at least Andy is eating again. Kinda. More than not eating at all. I'll take it. Fruit snacks make headway into the household. Dinosaur-shaped, for extra positive reinforcement and enticement.

Why they don't just print "candy" across the box... oh, right. Marketing.

Need to clean things. House. Disaster. Child needs more tylenol before he starts screaming again. Nothing done. Printer out of toner. No chance of getting to Staples today. Again.

i need to eat something.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Still Sick, Still Not Eating

So we're up to chocolate milk, juice, and lollipops. And the meds, if I use a syringe. Thats it. That's all he'll eat.

Doctor tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted.