Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ten Years.

As I put up the ornaments and wrap the gifts, write the cards and hunt for a bayberry candle, I do think about that last telephone call. You just never know when something is going to be the last.

Here's hoping that it wasn't.

Merry Christmas, Love, Me

Ah, yes, the season of Christmas cards. I actually made plenty of pics to enclose this year, printed plenty of our holiday letter, even bought pens just for the purpose. Weeks ago, I noticed a bag full of boxes of Christmas cards somewhere in the guest room or attic as I was poking around. I also had a few boxes ready to go on the diningroom table. Oh good, I thought. I have a ton cards, I don't need to buy anymore.

This is a big deal. We all have our foibles. One of mine is buying loads and loads of Christmas cards, particularly just after Christmas, and storing them up for the grand Sending of the Cards. Then I would see pretty cards I liked right ater Thanksgiving, so I would buy more. And then the after-Christmas sales would come...

This began partly because I had an obsession with greeting cards when I was younger, and partly because I used to send out almost 250 cards. This year I am down to 127. I need lots of cards. However, I don't need truckloads of them each and every year. The idea that "I don't need to buy cards" would even cross my brain is just huge.

So I sat down to write my cards yesterday. Think I can find that bag o' cards now?

Oh ha ha.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Witching Hour Strikes Again

It was so cold and raw and rainy and nasty yesterday, we decided it was best to just take Grandma home and pick her up this morning, rather than transfer her from our nice, warm, toasty car to her cold, clammy car to send her home. So we grabbed Joey from the bus and headed to Grandma's.

And then the Witching Hour struck.

I had two thundering elephants strapped into the backseat with no space to thunder in! So naturally, they started beating on each other. Loudly. Andy started throwing toys. Grandma finally has to take a toy away, and he started screaming. Joey started imitating him. You can imagine from there.

Cold. Tired. Wet. Miserable. The perfect storm for a Witching Hour. It was so bad, nobody got enough gold stars to get a prize (they are currently in love with glow sticks).

As the storm passed and we arrived home, my ears heaved a sigh of relief. They were so exhausted, we couldn't even bake cookies. Early story time with a few extra stories, then bed.

The good news is Joey did his homework perfectly this morning. And he's having his sleepover at Grandma's tonight, so we've been having fun talking about it. And Andy is sleeping in.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: First Snow of the Winter

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Modern Medicine to the Rescue

Thank you, God, for modern medicine.

My great-grandfather Conway was a Methodist minister, and his first church was to be in Buffalo, New York. He had three young sons (Buster, Bob, and Dick), a baby daughter (Barbie Hope) and a young wife to pack up and take from Baltimore to New York. What happened next is a bit of a mystery, and my clues are only family stories, I have no documentation (yet). What I can document is that the young wife returns without a husband and minus one son (Buster) to Baltimore, to move in with her husband's aunt.

According to family lore, my great-grandfather died of pneumonia from influenza, as did Buster. We originally thought Bob brought it home from school, but we now know they were gone before Bob was sent to school. We don't even think he made it to take on the church we was assigned in Buffalo. My great-grandmother was a single-parent working mother before such a thing was commonplace, trying to raise three children alone in Baltimore.

Joey has had three episodes of turning blue. Once he got severely chilled in school, and went cold. Then he had croup- with an onset like lightning. And now he's had pneumonia. So I find myself wondering if I would have my son if I had been my great-grandmother. Would by little Buddy have met the same fate as Buster?

Monday, December 08, 2008

Return of the Boy: Steel Trap Memory

Joey went to school today. I was a little nervous, and he seemed a little tired when he got home, but otherwise he's been OK. We even got some homework done with minimal grousing. He started money in school today, very exciting.

When he came home, we still had Grandma with us, and had to take her back to her office. He was happy to get to see Grandma and take a ride in the warm car (my house is older and tends to be cold- we need to replace the windows.) He also was happy to ask Grandma if he could come stay at her house!

We agreed that Friday would be a good day for Joey to have his turn at Grandma's. Andy is a little miffed (he wants to stay at Grandma's all the time, too).

"One at a time," Joey confirmed. "Only one can stay at Grandma's."
"That's right," we agreed.
"Yes, Grandma has a bad knee," Grandma offered as an explanation.
"Oh, I thought it was so you could focus the spoiling," I winked at her.

We got to the office with further repetitions of "One at a time" and "Grandma's on Friday!" and Andy suggesting every other day of the week for him to spend the night at Grandma's. It actually wasn't too bad for the Witching Hour.

Grandma started her goodbyes, with more assurances of Friday's big date.

"I'm so glad you are feeling better," Grandma expressed the feelings of us all.
"Does your knee hurt?" Joey asked unexpectedly.
After a blink, Grandma replied, "Well... yes, it does... but... thank you for asking!"
"I want to make your knee feel better."
"Just you asking makes it feel better," Grandma reassured him.
"Smiles make it feel better, too," I suggested- at which Joey promptly smiled wider at her.

That boy sure loves him some Grandma.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Shameless Plug: Holiday Shopping

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