Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New Design: Choose Kindness

Our latest design! Woo-hoo! I am also adding some of the new products to my older sections.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Joey See, Joey Do

I now have a mortal enemy. And his name is Annoying Orange.

I refuse to link to any of the videos of this nasty, inappropriate critter. Take my word for it. The video character is very aptly named. Unfortunately, he is also very striking and memorable, and thus very striking and memorable to imitate, despite his behavior being, well, annoying. And insulting. And offensive. And ugly.

Some of Joey's friends are very into Annoying Orange. They, and many of their parents, think it is funny. They also apparently think it is OK material for their 7-to-10- year-olds to be watching. I am hoping for the best by assuming they use it to discuss why the orange is annoying and so why you want to avoid his behavior. But alas, the majority of children we know who watch this trash are echolalic and imitative. Children such as... Joey.

So the other day, while they were eating snacks in the cafeteria, Joey thought it would be funny to throw his lunchbag at his teacher's face, in a "remake of Annoying Orange." He and his buddy D thought it terribly funny, especially when she gasped- a sound Joey has been finding hilarious this week. Needless to say, the teacher was not pleased. And Joey realized quickly that he had done something that had made her not pleased. The spiral spun to disaster from there.

The good news is that people who needed a good look at what our life has been like for the past year got a spectacularly dramatic view of it, and can now better work on helping improve it.

The other good news is Annoying Orange is now officially banned from my house. In fact, we may be watching a lot of Little Bear, Franklin, and Peep for a while. I may try to sneak in a Mr. Rogers. You know, some positive behavior models. I don't get to choose who he imitates, but I can do my best to present him with all the good models I can lay hands on.

And personally, I like Quack the Duck much better. He at least says "please".