Friday, February 03, 2012

Meanwhile, Life With Andy...

Andy has a big appointment today: his full eye exam. He'd been given preliminary ones by the school and at check-ups and all, but this was a big-time, take lots of pictures, flip-the-lenses, see the optometrist exam (though not as big as seeing the ophthalmologist). Dr. T was awesome.

The good news is Andy's acuity is awesome. Like, super-awesome. Yay, no glasses.

The bad news is he has inherited the family curse- his eyes don't work together. This explains some of our focus and hyperactivity issues, and our flat-out refusal to write. Imagine if you had the eyes of a chameleon- only a chameleon can control his eyes. Andy can't. It could be worse, though- he doesn't have "lazy eye," a muscle that is over-strong and pulls the eye visibly out of alignment. No surgery needed, yay. The other good news is that this is now fixable with vision therapy. Another yay. Except we don't know if insurance will help with the cost yet. Boo.

Dr. T also said that although this therapy will help with his focus and thus with some of the hyperactivity, she thought him "very active" and so it would probably not make it entirely go away. No surprise there, either. She then went on to note what a well-behaved child Andy is. Squirmy, yes. But when he was asked to sit up, he did it. When asked to do things by me or by the doctor, he did them. He was a little angel. Oh, right, I didn't have Joey with me...

Thursday, February 02, 2012

News from my groundhog

Well, folks, today is Groundhog Day. In case you are not local and don't know, I have a very large, very fat groundhog that lives in my own back yard. Yes, he looks delicious, thanks. Very fat and sassy. (See him? Doesn't he look delicious?)

Today, he has predicted early spring. I didn't have my camera this morning (the photo is from a couple summers ago), but he was out, about, and waddling happily about my yard this morning. Smart groundhog. It was 75 degrees here yesterday, and its supposed to be just as warm today. Then it should fall back into the 50s. I am going to have Mosquito Madness here this summer!

So, folks, that's the scoop here from Fredericksburg Flemming. Get ready for your daffodils. Trim your roses. Plant your lettuce. Then let the groundhogs eat the lettuce.