Thursday, September 13, 2007

Preparing for the beach

Swimsuits, check.
Suntan lotion, check.
Shorts, check.
Shirts, check.
Long pants and shirts, just in case, check.
Extra towels, check.
Toys, check.
Electronic toys, check.
DVD player, check.
Little Bear DVDs, check.
Oobi DVDs, just in case, check.
Toothbrushes, check.
Rotating toothbrushes, check.
Favorite stories, check.
Extra books in case we need extra stories, or are bored with the usual ones, check.
Sweatshirts in case it gets chilly, check.
Some extra shirts and shorts, just in case, check.
Extra underwear because we have one still in training, check.
Swim diapers, because we have one still in training, check.
Sunglasses, check.
Extra sunglasses for when the others get broken or lost, check.
Sun hat, check.
Roll of dimes for the claw machines at Marty's, check.

Are we ready?
Oops, I guess I'd better pack some clothes and stuff for me...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Define "Yellow"

It was Andy's first day of preschool! I'm finding the differences between this "regular" preschool and Joey's special ed school very... well, different. None of the parents talk to you when you take your kid in. When I picked him up, he hadn't gone to the potty because they aren't allowed to go in with him, even if he needs a little encouragement.

Still, he seemed very happy and excited with his morning. He made a little handprint project, and called his teacher by name. Exciting stuff! He made himself right at home. No crying, no clinging- and since he's been clingy all lat week, that was a bit of a surprise. He found himself some plastic bugs and settled right in.

They did send him home with homework. A preschooler. There are a lot of non-academic things to learn in the world.

It's also interesting to note what the school expects from parents. I know far less of what Andy is doing during the day. I got a note, but it didn't say much. Once a month, one parent has to send in play-doh of a certain color. They send home a recipe. i signed up for September- get it done. My color was yellow. The photo here shows you the results. The neon orange was following the recipe. The pumpkin yellow is using only a quarter of the dye the recipe calls for. You will note that neither batch is yellow. Then I ran out of cream of tartar. So instead of yellow, this month, they have orange.

After all, it came from my house.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dancing Queen

Next weekend, we're going to the beach. I can hardly wait.

This past weekend, we had a party for my aunt and uncle- they've been married 50 years! (I'm getting old!) The boys had a lot of fun. There was a big disco ball, throwing light all over the walls. Andy was overwhelmed. Joey was in heaven.

Going to a family event in my family can be something of an adventure. You can tell my family- they are the ones who all look alike. If you yell "Bud" or "Elmer", most of the men in the room will turn their heads. I am often teh tallest person there, because my brother doesn't go anymore. The ones that don't look like me or my cousins, I definitely don't know. The ones that do, I know about half of them.

The boys decided that "dancing" was the best part (besides the cake). This involved each boy taking Mommy's hand and using her as a pivot to spin with teh pretty dancing lights. Mommy ended up very, very dizzy.I didn't get to really talk to anyone; every attempt was thwarted by a small child trying to either get me to "dance" or hide under my shirt.

And so it goes.