Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Prepping for Santa

Yes, it's that time again... time to prepare for the Great Red-Suited One. I've been reading The Night Before Christmas to the guys, trying to get them used to the idea. Andy seems interested, but he's more into the Christmas carols. Joey likes Santa, but I don't think he gets the story at all. Oh well.

I went over to the elementary school yesterday to check out the kindergarden. There is a classroom that is kind of halfway between the self-contained classroom and the full inclusion classroom. It is run by a special ed teacher, has a kind of aide (but not a paraprofessional), and has only 8 students in it. The inclusion class sometimes comes in for lessons, like social studies; and they join the inclusion room for "specials" like art and music. It seems like a good idea, but they are still doing things Joey can't do, like sit in large groups on the floor and pay attention to a book. I go see Joey's program tomorrow, so I'll get to talk to Kaila then. He needs to be able to participate independently in large group activities, and have some other "independence encouragement" going on.

Now if only I can get them all healthy for Christmas...