Sunday, January 07, 2007


Joey has come through the holidays pretty well, all things considered. He had a great time yesterday with the Perrygos, playing with his cousins. He was fascinated by the water and the docks- we'll try to take him in teh summer when he can go on the boat.

Andy has been more of a problem. He totally loses it in noise. When teh presents started being passed out and opened, he melted down. He;s also hoarding- toys, food, anything he can put his hands on. It's insane. Its like he's even hoarding us- if no=one is near, he calls. He won't sleep or nap without a huge struggle, calling us back again and again. Sittign with him doesn't help. His bed gets heaped with stuff, and he's lost in a sea of stuffed animals. I don't know what I am doing wrong that he feels so insecure, but we have to find a way to help him. We just have to.