Friday, December 09, 2011


I haven't been writing. I have a plethora of little items I could smatter across the internet, but nothing that forms into a solid post. It's disconcerting. When one cannot get a grip on the little things, stringing them together as a necklace, the whole world becomes scattered.

Andy has started his OT. It is already making a difference for him at school, as he will now write more, especially after therapy. I have to pick him up from school, go to therapy, and then take him back, twice a week for the next three months. However, I am totally glad I didn't wait for school to move on it. Our eligibility meeting isn't even scheduled, and it could be the end of February before they get to us- which would, of course, be at the end of the three months. Having Andy struggle at school with no support for another three months would be devastating.

Driving down the road, having just paid up the co-pays and the gaps in insurance, remembering days when insurance wasn't helping with either child, I kept thinking of a Mastercard ad. OT, $100 an hour, twice a week. Speech therapy, $95 an hour, twice a week. ABA therapy, $90 an hour, four hours a week. Having your autistic child call you "mom" for the first time? Priceless. Having your ADHD and sensory dysfunctional child be able to sit in a chair and write a sentence? Priceless. I need to get Joey a new speech therapist, we've been without one far too long.

Joey is working on an animal report for school, which includes a written report and a model. I puled out my celluclay, but forgot how long it can take to dry. Joey is upset that he doesn't have his model to take with him today, but our very understanding teacher is going to allow us to turn it in on Monday. I just hope it dries enough to paint it over the weekend.

The Christmas decorations are slowly going up. If you want a sample of years past, you can check it out here. It is going slower than usual. We have Evan with us for the forseeable future as he searches for a job, so he can then get his own apartment. He's been a huge help with moving boxes about, but I'm not getting things done after the boys go to bed like I usually do, because he's downstairs and I would be in his space. I also don't want to annoy other folks with my constant playing of versions of A Christmas Carol while I work. I hope to get the glass garlands up today while the boys are in school, its hard to do those when the boys are running around the base of the ladder.

This morning, I am teaching some of the kindergarden classes how to sign Jingle Bells. I've been practicing all week. I'm a little nervous, but I don't think the kids will mind if I mess it up a little.

Time to be a pinball for the day...