Friday, September 29, 2006

New Therapies

We started teh new OT. I really like the therapist. She uses the time reserved for consultation to actually do the consultation, and talk to me about what Joey is doing and why he is doing it. She also seems to click OK with Joey, but we'll give that a couple more weeks to be sure.

Yesterday he made me a beautiful little bracelet with a pipecleaner and ponybeads. It apparently took him half the time she was planning, which is lovely. :)

I must admit being very angry with the school therapist, though. I understand if she can only handle ADL goals (adaptive life skills), but both these therapists and the guy at Kluge say Joey desperately needs OT for sensory integration problems. DEPERATELY. Yet nothing was said! Is she grossly incompetant (she couldn't see the need for sensory therapy), or grossly negligent (she just was going to let him rot because she doesn't have the equipment/time/inclination/doesn't want school to have to pay for it)? I thought the point of having these therpaists and experts on the IEP committee was to have good-faith opinions of what Joey needs, but apparently they are just one more roadblock- one more person have to fight for appropriate and adequate service.