Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I know, I suck.

Why haven't I been posting much?

I have Andy home now. No camp this week.
We just a new book out, and I have been running about trying to sell it and get copies into the hands of reviewers and such.
Pot Luck Magazine is finally ready to be laid out, and I now have it done, except I need to get the main file and the cover to integrate, and it won't.
I had to grade finals and report grades. Then I had to start formatting and tweaking my fall classes. And I have to have it done now, because we'll be at the beach next week.
We'll be at the beach next week, so I have get everything settled and ready to go, all hands on deck. Fortunately, we have extra hands this year, but it still takes a lot of prep to take the boys on a long trip.
We got some payments on our genealogy contract that had to be processed.
My brain is fried.

I am planning on consuming a good amount of beer next week. Or at least dreaming of consuming beer next week. The apartment doesn't have high-speed internet access, so there may be a few posts, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. I'll be on vacation, after all.