Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Right Words

Self-deprecation rears its ugly head around here, whenever things aren't going the way Joey wants them. It has become his go-to echo-script whenever he is feeling bossed around, or is told he can't do something, or is asked to complete a chore. It gets very wearing to hear him saying these awful things, and we have been working hard to get him some more effective and constructive self-narrative and internal monologue. The folks at school have been working on it, too.

So apparently, JoeyAndyDad had a little trouble with Joey this evening. Something about an eleven-year-old not wishing to bathe. That, of course, will not do. JoeyAndyDad finally got Joey scrubbed and tubbed and into his room. Joey, being angry, of course reverted to echo-scripting to communicate. And then there was this:

"Dad, go to your room!"
"I can't."
"I don't want to hear that negative self-talk! Tell me something positive! Tell me why you can't go to your room!"

Dear School Folks: You rock. And thank you.