Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Weekend!


We've been blessed with all sorts of awesome days here. I'm thinking it is all your good thoughts, prayers, and happy vibes that are helping. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Super Joey World: A New Tale

Well, I may not be able to get Joey to read right now, but you know what? He wrote a story. Himself. No prompting, asking, nothing. He came in with it all written, ready to read it to us! 

Here it is, Joey's new masterpiece: 

Part 1
Justyltiouios had a very good art.
The art poster is an apple of Mr. Maggio.
Justyltiouios is a smart kid. He learns about Spanish.
For Grades 3-5

And here are the penguins Andy earned from the fundraiser, posing with Joey's story: 

The only order Joey got was mine, so he didn't earn any penguins. However, I have bought some Angry Birds to give him instead, because he still is awesome. And Andy says he will share the penguins. When they aren't out saving the world.