Friday, June 05, 2009

Andy's Show

Patiently waiting for the cue to go on stage.

Mom had to help get the star warmed up.

Then the sticks came out- and Andy was all about the Stick Song!

Then Andy got rockin' an rollin', and did fine. If I am always going to be that distracting to him, how will I ever be able to see him perform at school again?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kindergarden preparedness

Andy had his concert tonight, singing with his class. It was a little rougher than anticipated. The noise was getting on the nerves of several of the other kids.. so you can imagine the state poor Andy was in. I stood with him for the first few songs, coaxing him from the bleachers to his spot on the stage.

Mommy won't be there to coax him in three months. Mommy won't be there to hug him and comfort him when the cafeteria gets overwhelming. Mommy won't be there to get him to his feet and into his place.

I wont be there.

None of the other kids needed to be coaxed, hugged, and have Mom beside them to get them going. And once he got going? He was great. Perhaps not perfect. He didn't seem to know the words the way the other kids did. He wanted to run around more than the other kids did. Getting him to stay in his spot between songs? Oh, right.

How do you explain this problem to people? How do I get the school personnel to understand? Do I really have to slap him with a diagnosis to get them to listen to what i am saying? am I not saying the right things, in the right way? Does it take a label to get people to really look at anecdote and think about evidence?

What do I do if Andy isn't ready for kindergarden?

Quick update

We saw the gastroenterologist, took some blood, took some pictures, and he'll call me next week. In the meantime, Joey is on Kiddie Zantac to try to get his stomach more comfy. He's really out of sorts. He hit his aide today. I hope once he is more comfy, these bursts of inappropriate behavior will cease. But I suppose we'll just wait and see.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Oh dear, is it Tuesday already? The semester has begun again, the boys are going in circles, we have an appointment with the gastroenterologist tomorrow, but the paperwork didn't get here and I have no word on having Joey's test pics to take with me (which may make it a wasted trip to Charlottesville), I'm running about like a chicken without a head, and... is it Tuesday already? I thought of four or five really good posts, didn't write any of them down, and where's my head again? Oh, there it is. Anyway...