Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New School Year Approaches

Most of my friends have sent the little ones off to school again, but I have until tuesday to get my act together, as case manager for two. Here's my to-do list for now until the end of the first week of school:

1. Buy new supplies for management: 2 3-inch binders, two packs of sheet protectors, 2 packs of dividers, 1 pack of post-its, 1 pack of pens, 1 pack of pencils, 1 sharpener, 2 composition books for phone/meeting logs, 2 composition notebooks for school-home communication.

2. Set up this year's binders with copy of birth certificate, IEP, and latest evaluation reports, each.

3. Attend school open house, and firm up the teacher assignments.
  a. ask who is the case manager this year, each.
  b. note teacher contact information: cell phone, email, telephone, home contact info.
  c. note other adults in classrooms, such as paras.
  d. note daily schedule for each child.

4. Make appointments to meet with each teacher (Joey usually has 3 or 4) and make sure everyone is on the same page.
   a. Make sure Joey's teachers are aware of bolting and meltdown issues.
   b. Make sure teachers for both children are aware of language and speech issues.
   c. Make sure Andy's teachers understand his need for snacks and eating issues.
   d. Make sure Andy's teachers are clear about dysgraphia and what it is.

5. Check over IEP, each, and note changes from summer.

6. Arrange IEP meetings for each.
   a. Have powerpoints ready and up-to-date for both children, with copies to leave with teachers.
   b. Have "help manual" ready for Joey's teachers to deal with bolting and meltdown.
   c. Update goals and needs for both children.

7. Call Middle School and begin transition process for Joey for next year.

Then I'll get started on Week 2.