Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Adventures of Supermom

School is here, and Andy has been enjoying himself, earning stamps and even two trips to the Treasure Box. This has resulted in two new Treasures: a frog and Smiley Happy Guy. SHG is a yellow bendy figure with a vague similarity to a Walmart nightmare, only with more character.

Joey also has bee collecting treasures, the most interest he has shown in toys in a long time. Yes, he still has his totems, but these seem to be toys being used to actually play, which is great. He has gotten into small stuffed animals, especially of dogs and cats, and he enjoys naming them. The current favorite is a small brown beanie baby he is calling Stybirde. Yes, thats how he spells it. He likes to stroke Stybirde's whiskers and when he's being a dog, Stybirde gets growled at a lot- because hey, its a cat!

Both of these treasures were missing this morning.

Now, to add to the disaster, I am sick. No fever, but coughing, hacking, sneezing, stuffed sinuses, sweat whenever I move SICK. Everybody else in the house seems to be getting over this; here I sit. Since we have no therapies or anything today. and I don't teach today (well, I have online office hours later), I called a personal National Holiday, with my daily goals being to Eat Ice Cream, Get Rest, Take A Nap (which I have not, as of writing this, accomplished), and.... find two missing toys.

I searched the house, and despaired when neither toys appeared before I started dripping sweat everywhere, which wasn't very long. Then it hit me: such popular toys would surely have made it to the car! So in great glee, i snatched up my keys, and headed out to the car.


I made their beds, because they often take such small treasures to bed, only to lose them amid the pillows and wadded sheets.


I swept up all the toys hiding under their beds. No sign of the ones we wanted. I checked around my own bedroom, in case they brought them when they crept into bed this morning. Nothing.

It was during my second sweep of the downstairs that I noticed a small treasure chest, tucked discretely in a piece of furniture that is supposed to be a wine bar, but for now just holds a lamp. The chest and the table were the same color, so I was lucky to see it at all. I opened it.

No, they weren't in there. But the frog was. And that meant Andy had played here in the last few days. Sure enough, under the wine bar, I swept my hand, and out came Smiley Happy Guy and Stybirde.

And I so totally rock.

Now for that well-earned nap...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the midst of life

Yes, I know, no posts lately. I am sorry. I've been working, getting the boys settled, working, spending time with friends (!), hugging boys, trying to figure out the barking thing, trying to explain the barking thing to Joey's teacher, and standing in awe of my two wonderful little boys. And then I started sniffing. And now coughing. This might be a long week.