Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Busy busy busy

OK, some cute gliimpses of life in my house:

Over the weekend, the boys came piling into our room at 6am (now their usual time), so Allan went to the bathroom while I got up and dressed the boys. They got interested in some toys in Joey's room, so I went to get dressed myself. I heard the water come on, wished I could take a shower, too, and continued dressing. Out Allan came. It was far too quick for him to have taken a shower, and the water was still going...

We found the boys in the bathtub. Joey was stark nekkid (he took off his own shirt! yay!). Andy was fully clothed. They were enjoying their bath very much, thank you.

Joey has a new video he likes, Animusic. The best description of the product is "surreal", and Joey loves it. He was snuggling with Grandma watching his music, when one of our therapists arrived. Grandma leaned over and asked, "are you ready to go play with Miss Kate?" Joey sighed and said, "No, I'm tired."

We gave him another five minutes, when he stood up and said "OK, ready," and headed downstairs to the therapy room!

Andy went to school today. We joined Joey's class to try some "reverse mainstreaming" and for me to observe Joey. It was a disaster. He would not sit. He insisted on being everywhere except where the group was, and doing everything excpt what the group was doing. We left after an hour, with me thoroughly shaken by my clear lack of parenting an discipline skills. When we got to the car, he says very quietly, "You ok, Momma?"

I was putting the boys down, and I managed to get them both bathed, dressed, calmed, and into their beds- Allan was out. We have to sit with Joey, so I finished singing and sat in the chair. Andy promptly began to fuss. Joey called out, "Andy, whassa matter?" I finally got up and determined there was a need for a goodnight drink, supplied it, got Andy calmed, and returned to my chair. Joey piped up: "All better now. Good night, Momma. I love you." What else can you say to that, than, "I love, you, too"? To which he replied, without missing a beat, "I love you 44."