Thursday, October 17, 2013


Joey has a lot of trouble producing language on his own. Like Mrs. Who, Joey's speech is mostly quoted from elsewhere. I think often people is just how much Joey relies on scripted language to get through, and think he speaks a lot better than he actually can; but it is still quite noticeable that he has trouble with language.

So the teacher thought it appropriate to send home a worksheet where Joey had to change "Plain Jane" sentences into "fancy" sentences. This would require Joey to make up his own language, based on a sentence given- a task that is, to be frank, impossible for him. I braced for the screaming, but he happily looked over the sheet, and selected it as one he would do this evening (they sent home 6 sheets and a math project- we are NOT getting through all that today). Pleasantly surprised, I said ok, and braced again. But he started right in on it.

And here, folks, is Joey's interpretation of his homework sheet:

Hey, he made 'em fancy, yes?

Published by Joey's permission. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Joey the Artist