Wednesday, May 10, 2006


One good thing about Joey is that he loves school... but even more than that, he loves the bus. When he got on the bus for the first time- can it be a whole year and a half ago?- he looked SO little. Moms of 2 1/2 year olds shouldn't have to be putting their children on large yellow school buses. We followed the bus all the way to school, and took photos of him getting off. I miss our preschool teacher. The lady we have here now is not very friendly, and because I have Andy, she actively excludes us from Joey's life. Last year, our teacher actively INCLUDED us- Andy and all. After all, Andy is part of Joey's life everywhere, not just at home. Joey also loves Andy SO much. He's loved Andy ever since the moment he beeped the baby's nose in the hospital- love at first beep.

Anyway, Joey loves buses. He has a little one he carries around with him. He has several matchbox sized ones, and those are OK; and he has an FP one, and that's cool, because it sings, but then there is Bus. Joey has been known to sleep with Bus, takes Bus on adventures, and always feels better when he has Bus in hand. Right now he is leaning his head against my side, watching his Blue's Clues, clutching Bus. Yes, even in our lives, there are moments of normalcy. :)

Andy has figureed out the word bus, too. He loves to point to all sorts of buses, and yell "BUS!" But for Joey, there is really only one Bus. And it's yellow.

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