Monday, May 22, 2006

Things that make life good (Part One)

Joey's face just above mine, saying "Good Morning, Momma!"
Boy trains
Trying to find something under the sofa, and suddenly having a boy on your back.
Two little guys in a kissy mood.
Click, clack, moo...
The soft squeak of a floorboard around 6:30 am, and you know it isn't the cat coming to see if you are awake yet.
Whaaaaa... Da!
Two giggles from the top of the stairs.
Placing a bowl of Carl's ice cream into expectant fingers.
Boy hog
Waltzing Mathilda... Wheels on the Bus... One, Two, Buckle My Shoe... Garden, Garden, G-G-G...
Get the Kitty!
Little fingers trying to tickle me
Little head against my knees, lounging on the couch to the sights and sounds of the beach
Counting to 29.
Two boys leaping from the couch to the floor pillows
Sometimes it looked like a... but it wasn't a...
It's an owl
Two boys bouncing to the door when Daddy comes home

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