Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Well, Memorial Day has come and gone again. I've been married nine years. And it was a lovely, hot weekend. We took the boys to a picnic that my boss invited us to. taking Joey into new situations is always a fun challenge. This time, he ended up in the neighbors' yards, once just to defeat the locked gate (he was successful) and once because the neighbor had cool toys outside (he wanted to ride on a ride-on shaped like a bike- they were very nice people, and let him play with it for a few minutes before we dragged him back to the party, where he promptly melted down.) I know some folks think we shouldn't take Joey to new places and picnics and stuff. Certainly the other party guests were dubious. I still can't figure out how they expect him to learn how to deal with social situations without ever experiencing them.

Monday we just put both of them diaper-free in the back yard and hosed them down all afternoon. Then Joey got the hose, and hosed ME down. Then Andy grabbed a pitcher and started throwing water on me... It was HYSTERICAL. Two little boys with that twinkle in their eyes... "Let's get mom!"

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