Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Smack on the Chin

Joey has a new behavior stratgey for trying to get what he wants when Mom says he can't have it- he smack himself on the chin with the heel of his hand. Hard.

Up to this point, we have escaped with minimal self-injury, and I would still say we are escaping with minimal self-injury. Right now we have finger-biting when he gets frustrated, and now the attempt to smash his own jawbone when he's having a mini-tantrum. It could be worse. However, trying to stop these behaviors is not fun. Since he is doing these for frustration and anger, trying to stop the behavior makes it all worse. Not good.

Fortunately, school starts up next week, so we can get some help from his teachers. I'm sure his teacher is not going to stand for "no-no-no", then a smack on his chin, followed by a hard bite of his fingers. No, they don't go for that at school, and he knows it.

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