Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another Day, Another Evaluation

We've just been busy as beavers in a willow wood here. School starting is always interesting, but we've also had a new speech therapist, the return of Joey's ABA therapists. We also had the OT evaluation.

Now, i wasn't that nervous about the OT eval. Everyone at school thinks he's doing so well, and he looks to me like he's doing so well, I just never thought about it. I was way more nervous about the speech eval. However, we've always hit speech hard, because we've always assumed that was his main weakness.

I also often drift into a "place" where Joey is looking good, and I'm comfortable with the help he is getting, and he seems to be improving, so I kind of forget he is disabled. You kind of think of him as 3 instead of 4 in the first place, and don't worry so much. The tantrums become just part of life. The screaming is just what Joey does. He's just a little boy.

We got the "results" of the eval yesterday. It was a real shock to see him being evaluated as 1% and 2% in things like gross motor and fine motor skills. (50% is normal). Is he really this bad off? Why hasn't anyone at school said anything? Why isn't he getting more therapy? What the HELL?

I've decided I'm going to call Kluge and have him evaluated again there- a second opinion. Ultimately, these people we just took him to is a business, and needs to make money. Kluge would be more impartial. But if this is the real picture, I think "conniption fit" is going to be a gentle word to use for what I'm going to have at school.

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