Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Well, we finally got some. The boys are thrilled. They also have discovered that mom doesn't need to be mother-henning them all the time, all the time- it can be fun to be outside in the snow, with no mom (especially if mom is baking cookies for when boys get too cold and wet to stay outside!) It was very strange to be in teh house by myself for a whole twenty minutes. I spent most it looking out the door making sure the guys were safe.

Sunday school is getting interesting. The lady who runs the preschool wants to put together a little plan for dealing with Joey. I tried sending in a letter- especially since the Sunday school teachers insist on shoo-ing me out the door- but in bad weeks (and we've benhaving a really bad week), tey need to actually READ that letter. :P I'm glad to have a meeting this Sunday, because then no one has to read, they'll be informed (with a witness).

Really, if Joey could just have an attendant, he could go anywhere and be in a regular class. No-one will do that, though- "he's in too good a shape."

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