Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Having a Stimmy Week

The return of the tracking has been something of a shock for us. WE know it comes and goes, like everybody's moods, but holy crap, he's putting his eyes right to things to track them, or to watch numbers. He hasn't been this bad since school started 2 /2 years ago! It is distressing to us, because usually this means HE is stressed. The question is, why? Is he just stressed because his brain is moving forward and doing new things, or is there a real concern- like something going on at school we should know about?

While we investigate, I will say it has given us an interesting opportunity to see what supports he needs to channel these needs for stimulation. We have discovered that he will focus on video games, een if he will focus on NOTHING else. He loves Pinky DInky Doo and Oobi games through the Noggin site, the coloring pages on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood's site, and some of the counting-based games on Sesame Street. Counting and numbers are very comforting for him. WE also noticed that putting him in a rocking chair makes a difference, and having something in his hands makes a difference. IF he can sit with some playdough in his hands, he can do more. I think having the trackball mouse for the video games gives him that same kind of input, and heps him focus. And, of course, the gum...

I wouldn't really worry about him not being able to focus fully except that full-day kindergarten is coming. He won't have a choice- he has to perform the activitiy when it is presented. So we need strategies for helping him perform those tasks, and perform them on time. He'll have aenough trouble keeping up because of the processing delays, but if we can find those strategies that help him process- instead of zone out completely and process nothing- the happier he will be, because his frustration will be less.

Oh, by the way, I meet with teh Director of Student Services this morning about the school OT situation. Wish me luck, and I will keep you posted!


abfh said...

he's putting his eyes right to things to track them, or to watch numbers.

Have you had Joey checked for nearsightedness? Parents often assume that children don't become nearsighted until they are 5 or 6 years old, but this is not necessarily the case. I needed to wear glasses as a preschooler, and so did one of my relatives.

Joeymom said...

Actually, we are on the lookout for eye problems, since my husband is nearsighted. Our next check is in April. Excellent advice, thank you!