Tuesday, May 08, 2007


"What do you need, Andy?"
"Take your thumb out of your mouth, and speak to me sweetie."
"You want something?" "AAAAAAAA!" "What do you want, honey?"
"You want a tyrannosaurus rex?"
"Yeth! T-REX!"
"It's in your hand, sweetheart."
"You want to watch your T-rex show?"
"Sure, we can watch that."

Andy is feeling better. Joey is not, but he's not waxing. I'm feeling like crap, but not waxing yet. Trying to keep a little guy who is feeling as well as he's felt in a week occupied, while you and the other child feel like you've been repeatedly run ver by a Mack truck (or was it a Peterbilt?) can be quite the adventure. I hate to have him watch TV and play with puzzles and whatever all day, when it is gorgoues and he could use the sunshine, but I have to have two eyes on Joey, eve while he's sleeping. Yesterday, he was running both ends, even in his sleep. It might hav been accomplished better if I was feelign OK, and could hang out half-in and half-out of the house, but the less I move, the better. Even typing is exhausting.

The little sample above is actually pretty clear speech for my little Andy. I also know he's a dinosaur freak, and his favorite show, so deciphering the wails wasn't too too difficult. He also has a lot of practice saying these words. Sometimes it brings me to tears trying to figure out what he wants or needs, sifting through the sounds like Sherlock Holmes untangling a code. I'll be glad when we come through the summer and he's had a few onths of speech therapy under his belt. It has to be frustrating for him, poor little boy.

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Maddy said...

Sherlock Holmes! I knew there was a reason I was so addicted to whodunnits. I'm one of many I'm sure, who completely sympathise with the frustration of trying to decipher what they mean. It's soooo time consuming that it certainly saps the battery pack. Then I remind myself that it's so much better than the continuous cycling meltdowns with no words at all. Then when you add in the juggling other children and sickness it's a heavy duty lifestyle.
Best wishes