Thursday, May 24, 2007

Views of my garden

Welcome to my garden. We hope you enjoy the scent of spring roses!

When we moved into this house, there was no garden. The people before us had two large dogs, and when you have two large dogs in a fenced yard, there's usually not much left. The garden actually blooms in waves. It starts with crocus and early daffodils, then opens out with forsythia, later daffodils, and tulips that fade into lilacs. The roses are next, with my Sarah Bernhardt peony and the mockorange. The yard is filled with wafting perfumes. I chose most of the roses because they have a mass effect now, but also continue throughout most of the summer with "pops"- that is, a few flowers all the time. The lilacs become a green backdrop to highlight the rose blooms. I have some iris that come out just before now (to fill the gap betwen lilac and rose), but I need more. I lost several across the back of the yard when my fence was damaged in Isabel. I've also put some poppies in, but they don't last long. I used to have blackberries to line the side, but last year I lost them- I think the folks next door used weedkiller (the blackberries are thornless, but the raspberries are not, and they probably got a few vines on their side of the fence.) Next will be a spirea, and the raspberries will be blooming- not as well as usual, because of the strange and suspicious "blight" from last summer, but the raspberries are at least tryign to come up. Considering the price of raspberries, you'd think free ones would be welcome, but... no accounting for tastes. Anyhoo, the bee balm will be out about then, too. then the daylillies should start, and the finally the dahlias and morning glory. Fall should have another round of mass effect from some of the roses, too. For winter, I have the hollies and winterberries.

The garden is also designed for other scents, textures. I keep thyme and mint throughout, so it will smell good as the boys run about. I have some other shurbs not famous for bloom, but for foliage; my purpe dragon plant, a verigata, sedum. the poppies have added an interesting texture, I wish they bloomed longer.

Lately I haven't been able to get things done in the garden like I would like. I have a lot of mulching to do. More weeding than I could ever do. The virginia creeper is taking over the fence. At least the boys like dandelions and clover!

I used to like to pictures of Joey in the garden. I still like to take pics of the boys in the garden, but when Joey was little, he seemed like a little flower fairy. His little fingers would pluck at the roses and the grasses. He sat up by himself and squealed himself silly while his daddy made faces and funny noises. He loved to crawl through the grass, exploring this new little world full of life and springtime. He never liked to look up. The sky is a big thing- the world is a huge space.

Andy was afraid of the garden itself. He didn't want Mom and Dad to leave him in the grass, The world, even in the garden, was too big. But he soon discovered that outside was someplace full of wonders- especially birds. He looked up at them and pointed to them like Joey never did. He discovered bee-chasing. He discovered ants. The world around him was full of living things!

It always strikes me that they were noth attracted to the life around them, even if different ways and forms.


abfh said...

Great pictures... your red roses are especially gorgeous!

My roses are close to blooming, but they haven't opened yet. I live farther north than you, and we had a freeze in April, which they didn't like at all, but they're recovering nicely after I cut off some dead canes.

Maddy said...

Gardening! Best therapy in the world. Can't say that many people around here share my perspective but gardens to have lizards and hummingbirds which maybe, just maybe are beginning to be a lure.

Club 166 said...


That's a lot of different stuff to pack into one back yard. Looks great!

J said...

I make my living in the flower business. I own a fresh flower distributor that sells to retail florists and event companies across the USA. So, from one flower-lover to another - nice garden! I especially love the Sara B's. Have you seen Coral Charm peonies? They are huge, with striking color.
If you ever want to buy some bulk flowers at wholesale prices, I'd be happy to send you a box. This is not a sales pitch, but more of a favor as we are used to commercial-sized shipments. Email me if you like - the address is on my blog.

Niksmom said...

How beautiful! I love the descriptions of how each of your boys discovered the world outdoors in your garden. My little guy loves to walk on the grass (in his shoes) but cannot stand the feel of it. He's just started to take notice of the irises blooming by the front of the house so I have great hope that we will discover the joys and beauty of the garden, too.