Friday, July 27, 2007

Life is Good.

More reminders that Life Is Good:

I have a quilt on my bed that has sealife on it. The boys have decided it is a "pool" and they are "whales"- and dive on.
Signing the entire alphabet with Joey singing the ABC song.
Andy's eyes when he gets a new dinosaur- even though he has more than I can readily count.
The squeals of joy when you hit I-95 and announce, "Let's go on an adventure!" They just know they are going someplace good.
Listening to Allan singing the goodnight song he made up himself, just for his boys.
Andy chasing kitties.
Baking cookies- Andy and Joey like to take turns putting the cookies on the sheets and squishing them flat. (Next step: getting them to roll the balls!)
Joey reading the clock and then saying, "what comes next?" And when you answer, he says, with all enthusiasm, "You're RIGHT! Good job!"
Asking Joey what comes next at 12:59, and he says, "One o'clock!"
Swimming with boys as they run through sprinklers.
Andy asking for one more hug. One more kiss. One more story?


bigwhitehat said...

It does not get much better than that. Drink it in.

Niksmom said...

BWH said it perfectly...all I can say is "Ditto!"