Friday, July 20, 2007

Strolling down Memory Lane (without a ding-dong thing on my mind)

There was something I was going to blog about. I've beenthinking about it since Wednesday. I thought about it on the way home from therapy. It was really, really good, important, pertinent to other conversations floating around the blogosphere. Now I have a minute at the computer.

I cannot remember what I was going to blog about.

I'm fairly new at the joys of memory loss and brain hiccups. When I was young, "steel trap" was an understatement. According to teh new ABLLS report we have for Joey, he can repeat back a series of four numbers. At his age, they never figured out how many I could do, because no matter how many they gave me, I could recite them back. I could recite exact conversations I had with people years before, and in my head could even see the faces of participants and the setting around us, and sometimes even the exact floor layout of where=ever we were. I would have made a fabulous witness, but fortunately, I didn't witness much that was that important. I have retained snatches of these memories, but like most people, the majority of my life is now lost to the sands of time. Sand on the brain.

This began in earnest when I became pregnant wih Joey; and then the pregnancy with Andy excelerated it alarmingly. I understand this is normal, especially for women- the hormones of pregnancy actually cause brain damage. I just find it incredibly annoying to walk into a room and have no idea why I am there- or even how I got there. I've taken to hooking my keys on the curtain rod on the door, otherwise I'd take an hour every morning to find them. This time of year I stock up on 10-cent spiral notebooks, because I use them everywhere- whenever I have a thought, if I don't write it down, I risk losing it forever to the sand in the brain. I started using the engagment calendar in my computer. If changes don't make it long enough to be recorded there, I get into trouble- miss appointments, show up for one that were cancelled or moved, etc.

Growing up really sucks.


Maddy said...

You could always invest in one of those dinky digital voice recorders and hang it round your neck, a bit extreme, but it works for some extremists! [don't spit/drool on it though as it's electronic!

Niksmom said...

ROFL. I thought I was alone in this awful phenomenon! I go merrily through my day having all sorts of random, wonderful ideas to write about. Do you think I can remember a blessed one of 'em when I sit down to write? Nooooooo. Blame it on motherhood and a life that moves too fast anymore! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;-)